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  • All horses must present a negative Coggins within the last year, current vaccination, and general good health.

  • Owners/guests must sign liability form.

  • Stable provides boarding facilities only.   Riding/training on the grounds is permitted in the designated pasture-arena and covered round pen, with a signed liability form kept on file.    

  • Security deposit is equal to one months’ rent, including current month’s fee is due upon delivery of horse.

  • Rent payable by the 5th of each month.

  • Late fees: boarding fees paid between the 6th and 15th day of current month due will be subject o late fee of $25.00. Fees received after the 15th, $35.00

  • Additional services such as:  feeding,  turn in/out, stall cleaning, etc. are available for a nominal fee.

  • Stable monitors water and shelter from elements

  • Stable provides pm feeding

  • Owner provides all other services (feed, hay, worming, and supplements)

  • In case of inclement weather or other issues, a stall may be rented for a nightly fee, if available.

* In order to preserve the quality of our pastures, we may at times, not have Pasture Boarding available.  If this is the case you may choose our Partial or Full Boarding option until there is room available, or we can add you to our waiting list.

  • Stable provides stall, daily turn out, and pm feeding.

  • Owner provides all other services (feed, hay, shavings, worming, and supplements)

  • Stable feeds twice daily

  • Stable turns out horses daily

  • Stable provides shavings

  • Stable cleans and mucks stall

  • Owner is responsible for feed, hay,  and supplements

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